Solar PV


Solar PV – Either stand alone or grid connected requires careful engineering to achieve optimum performance from your investment.

We believe it is imperative that a thorough site audit be completed prior to commencing the engineering process to ensure all site factors are considered. Solar PV systems are very effective when correctly designed. There is no one size fits all with PV since every site has unique climatic and construction constraints which can effectively change the total generation that is achievable given these factors. Depending upon the site these variables can be as significant as 25-30% less than total theoretical output. It is important for you the consumer to be aware of the total achievable PV output of any system which is proposed to allow you to make the informed choice on which system is best for you.

At Neo Electrical Solutions we have extensive experience in the design and installation of domestic and commercial Solar PV. We commission through audits of all premises prior to specifying any PV solution to ensure we offer you the best performing system available. It is because of this the output generation figures we provide you at the design stage are realistic and achievable.

renewable-energyWe are able to do this because we remain independent and purchase top quality products from many of the leading PV suppliers. This added flexibility ensures we can recommend  a full range of products across all Solar PV technologies.

In addition we are a one stop shop for PV installation. Not only do Neo Electrical Solutions design and install to CEC Best practice guidelines, we can also arrange to connect your system to the energy utilities saving you the sometimes difficult task of dealing with multiple contractors to have your installation completed.

This all addes up to give you peace of mind and confidence with your investment in green technology.

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