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Neo Electrical Solutions has extensive experience delivering electrical installations both big and small.

As an experienced electrical contractor we are able to best advise you on product selections when it comes to either building or renovating. With the diversity of product available on the market today its important to get the right advice on product selection to ensure longevity and total system value over the installation lifecycle.

Building or Renovating?

Neo Electrical Solutions has extensive experience delivering electrical installations both big and small.

Neo Electrical Solutions

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We also conduct ENERGY EFFICIENCY AUDITSlight-globe
Do you dread the day each quarter when the electricity bill arrives? You are not alone. It seems that with every news page you turn and every news bulletin you read we are reminded that the cost of electricity is increasing at an alarming rate.

Not surprisingly this is very real. Did you know that in NSW the cost of electricity has risen consistently at approximately 12% for the past few years. Worse still the forecast and looming carbon tax will mean that the cost rise will accelerate beyond what we have known in recent times placing unwanted additional pressure on already tight budgets both in business and within the home.

We all want to run our TV’s, Washing machines, Air conditioners for cooling and heating, pool pumps, refrigerators, entertainment consoles and lighting but many of us are struggling to pay our quarterly electricity instalment.

It is just unacceptable that in today’s society we have families who cannot afford to power their homes. So what can you do about it? NECAThe first and most decisive step you can take is to undertake an energy efficiency Audit.

Our comprehensive analysis can identify the areas within the home and small business where significant energy savings can be achieved through the adoption of smart strategies designed to reduce both your energy consumption and carbon footprint. Further to this did you know that there are significant government incentives on offer for implementing energy efficient systems. Talk to us and we can advise you on the various incentive plans that are available.

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